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Shaker style Dinner Table Plans
by Lorenz Prem on 10-09-2012 4:04 pm

Tables are one of the most common woodworkingprojects attempted by a novice woodworker. Every home needs a few.One of the simplest, yet most enduring table design is the Shakertable. Let's take a look at what it takes to build this verysimple, yet sturdy table.


The legs of the table are simple straight posts. The railsconnect to the posts using mortise and tenon joints. The corners ofthe posts are rounded over to keep the edges from splitting underuse.

The blanks for the legs are best

Craftsman 17310 Drill/Driver Review
by Lorenz Prem on 10-07-2012 3:37 pm

Craftsman power tools are a very common sight inhomes around America. The 17310 Drill/Driver is Craftsman's heavyduty cordless tool for drilling and driving. It's aimed at theeducated consumer who demands quality and performance at areasonable price. Let's take a look at how well the 17310 satisfieswhen being judged on these criteria.

The Design

The Craftsman 17310 is a generic pistol grip design. The motorand clutch assembly at the top are counter-balanced by the batterypack the bottom end of the grip. The tool is so

Ryobi CSB133L Circular Saw Review
by Lorenz Prem on 10-05-2012 12:02 pm

One of the most popular entry level saws on themarket today is the Ryobi CSB132L. This saw is available almostanywhere. You can pick one up at the big box stores for very littlemoney. So little money in fact, that the CSB132L looks like a dealtoo good to be true.

We know the Ryobi CSB132L is a cheap saw, but can it produce acut?. Let's take a look.

Build quality

The body of the CSB132L is made from hard plastic. The plasticis hard wearing, thick, and tough. Holding the tools in your handsleaves a

Milwaukee Sawzall 6509-31 Review
by Lorenz Prem on 09-29-2012 10:42 pm

The Milwaukee Sawzall line has built a largefollowing amongst contractors and professionals. Some say theSawzall line of saws is the best designed line of saws availabletoday.

The 6509-22 is one of the smallest Sawzalls available. It hasbeen designed to emphasize control and cut quality over speed andraw power. Let's take a look at how well it did in our test.

Build quality

The 6509-22, just like all Milwaukee Sawzall saws, has beendesign and built for the job site. It's

The hardest thing about DIY projects is getting started
by Lorenz Prem on 09-24-2012 11:26 pm

We all have a long list of things we would liketo get done around the house. Many of these tasks have been on thetodo-list for years, but never seem to get done.

More often than no fear of failure keeps up from gettingstarted. The project seems more daunting than it actually is. So itsits in our mind and weighs us down.

Getting these projects started is hard. Let's take a look atwhat a few things we all need to realize about DIY projects.Removing the fear of failure goes a long way towards gettinganything don

DeWalt DW621 Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 09-21-2012 9:36 pm

The DW621 is DeWalt's general purpose plungerouter. It was designed to handle most routing tasks in the shop.Not only can it be used as a plunge router, but due to itsrelatively small size, it can also be used as a fixed based router.Add built-in dust collection to the package and we have onepowerful router. Let's take a look at how it performed in myshop.


The DW621 has a 2HP motor. This puts the router into themid-size category. During a cut the router certainly feelspowerful. I have not encountered a situatio

DeWalt DW368 Circular Saw Review
by Lorenz Prem on 09-20-2012 12:50 pm

Every DIYer and professional alike needs a goodcircular saw. The DW368 takes the spot of the small-size performerin DeWalt lineup of circular saws. It is an entry level saw with afew advanced features that are designed to make the saw perform.Let's take a look at what DeWalt created for us.

Base plate

The base plate is made from magnesium. Magnesium is lighter thanmetal, and more durable. DeWalt claims that the plate does not warpor dent. The designers added webbing all through the plate, whichseems to support that cl

How to install Track Lighting
by Lorenz Prem on 09-12-2012 6:59 pm

Track lighting is a versatile way to addlighting to any space. A lot of homeowners do not know that theycan install track lighting by themselves without the help of anelectrician. Let's take a look at what's required. Maybe you'llgain the confidence needed to install track lighting in yourhome.

Understand the components

Track lighting is sold in sets. Before installation begins, itis important for us to understand what each component does. Thishelps with correctly placing the track on the ceiling.


DeWalt DW304PK Reciprocating Saw Review
by Lorenz Prem on 09-11-2012 2:16 pm

The DW304PK is the smallest of DeWaltreciprocating saws. It lacks a few of the features of its biggerbrothers, but it is still a very powerful and capable reciprocatingsaw.

I have the DW303, the predecessor to the DW304PK. Its nearlyidentical to the new DW304PK. Let's take a look at what makes theDW304PK work.

The Design

The DW304PK has a fixed, metal head married to a 10amp motor.It's clearly a tool for demolition rather than the finesse. Theblade can be mounted either vertically or horizontally

How to build simple, yet elegant Door Casings
by Lorenz Prem on 09-09-2012 12:30 pm

New door and window casing are a simple way toimprove the quality of any room. The trim options sold at the homecenters are either plain, or far too expensive. Building the trimand header in your woodshop not only saves money, but it alsoproduces far superior results. Let's take a look at what's requiredto build your own custom door and window casings.

Choosing the material

Paint grade hardwood is a good choice for this project. The doorcasing is bound to get its share of bumps and dings during itslifetime. Hardwood r

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Recent Reviews
"Drill/driver OK, reciprocating and circular saws are junk. No torque, circular saw won't cut thru a 2x4, reciprocating won't cut a 4x4 without bogging."
"Indeed, this one is the best 12V driver. Get it. You will not be disappointed."
"I use this one for heavy work. It can do it all. None better."
"Love this Router"
"Great driver with only minor issues. App is limited. The last gen is almost as good, yet a lot cheaper."
"This saw replaced a Delta Unisaw in my shop. It's rock solid, powerful, and well made. Fence rivals Biesemeyer or Unifence. Worth the price, IMHO."
"Excellent performance but tough to use at high speed with soft wood, tends to drive too deep before impact kicks in."
"This is my only true drill. The key-less chuck works flawlessly as does the power/speed switch which is handy for drilling various density material."
"A quality sander that performs well day in and day out. Not the best dust bag, that's minor for me. Fits well in my hand and no fatigue with prolonged use."
"A good option for those looking for their first saw, or those looking to upgrade from a "portable" job site saw. Buy a decent blade and you'll be happy."