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Understanding Paint Brush Shapes
by Lorenz Prem on 09-06-2012 8:42 pm

Have you ever wondered why paintbrushes come indifferent shapes? Why are there other shapes beyond the flat,traditional paint brush? Let's take a look at the different shapesand understand what they are used for.

Flat Brush



Flat paint brushes excel at filling in large surfaces. They holda lot of paint, but are not very accurate. Sash brushes haveangular bristles. They excel at cutting-in surfaces and paintingstraight lines. Angular brushes are hybrid brushes. They can do ita

How to choose a good Brush for oil-based Paint
by Lorenz Prem on 08-18-2012 4:09 pm

A good paint bush for oil based finishes willleave a flat, brush mark free finish. Picking one out of the wallof brushes at the home center is hard.

The material the bristles of a brush are made from determinesmuch of its capabilities. Let's take a look at the differentmaterials and how they perform.

Hog bristle


How to choose Painter's Tape
by Lorenz Prem on 08-17-2012 11:44 pm

Not all painter's tape is made alike. At thehome store the most expensive tape is 2-3 times as expensive as thecheapest. What do you get for your money. Let's take a look at whatmatters when buying painter's tape.

What Matters

1. Adhesion

First and foremost the tape must stick to the surface it isapplied to, and must remain in place for a significant time. Almostall brands of tape stick well enough to be used for painting.Problems happen when the tape either sticks too well, or not longenough.

Choosing the right type of caulk
by Lorenz Prem on 08-13-2012 4:42 pm

Shopping for caulk in your home center can be abewildering experience. A hundred different types of caulk tubescompete for your attention. Which one is the right for yourproject? Let's take a look at how you can find the right caulk.

There are 4 different considerations when shopping forcaulk.

1) Adhesion

The different types of caulk have different adhesioncapabilities to different material. For example, some bond wellwith wood, but cannot adhere to tile.

Caulk tubes are labe

KP Industries Pro Ultra Flex III Review
by Lorenz Prem on 08-08-2012 5:32 pm

Knee pads are an essential part of your DIY toolchest. If you have ever spent a whole day laying tile or flooring,you know about carpenter's knee syndrome. Spending a long timekneeling can make the knee swell up. Let's take a look at whatmakes knee pads a good pair of knee pads.

Ergonomic Issues

The main problem with knee pads is the fit. Ideally the wearerdoes not notice that he is wearing knee pads. While walking aroundthe knee pads should be out of mind. When kneeling the knee padsshould be supporting the user's kn

Which type of screw do I use for my project?
by Lorenz Prem on 08-05-2012 10:12 pm

Picking the correct type of screw can be hard ifyou have not done it before. It does not have to be. Let's take alook at the basics of fastener selection.

Wood screws

Wood screws have coarse threads designed to grab the fibers ofwood. As the name suggests, they are the best option for fastingmaterial to wood.

Hardwood boards must be pre-drilled when screws are used. Thefibers in hardwood do not part as easily as they do in soft woods.Without a pilot hole the screw acts like a splitter driven into

Arcade Cabinet - Computer
by Lorenz Prem on 08-03-2012 6:28 pm

The marquee, the sign at the top of the monitor,is built from two strips of plexiglass. The artwork is sandwichedbetween them. A light source lights the marquee from behind.

Light Source

The light source behind the marquee should be bright and cool.Traditional light bulbs are too hot to install behind plexiglass.They would melt the marquee and could even cause a fire.

A florescent light strip or a couple of LED lights are a betteroption. They keep the heat down.

Tie the light

Arcade Cabinet - Electrical
by Lorenz Prem on 08-01-2012 6:28 pm

The arcade cabinet requires a fully functioningPC to operate. You can simply place a fully assembled PC in thebottom of the cabinet, or you can install the componentsseparately.

Power Strip

To power the different components of the PC, a power strip mustbe installed. Pin a generic power strip to the cabinet wall.

The power cord of the strip must be routed outside to connectthe cabinet to a wall socket. The simplest solution is to removethe plug from the end of the cord, drill a hole through th

Top Tools for First Time Homeowners
by Lorenz Prem on 07-25-2012 7:10 pm

Every homeowner needs a few tools to take careof small repairs around the house. Even if you don't plan on doingany projects there is always furniture to assemble, pictures tohang, and screws to be tightened. Let's look at the top 5 tools youshould have in your house. You'll need them. It's just a questionof when.

Screwdriver set

Screwdrivers are essential for repairing things around thehouse. Screws are found in almost all modern day appliances andelectronics. Chances are you already have a good set.

What is difference between a Drill and an Impact Driver?
by Lorenz Prem on 07-07-2012 3:41 pm

A drill is a different tool than an impactdriver. A drill drills holes; an impact driver drives screws.

Ideally you'd use each for their intended purpose, but in apinch each can be used to complete the others function. Let's takea closer look at what makes these tools work.

What is a drill?

A drill is tool used to drill holes. The motor is directlyconnected to the drill bit, which allows the bit to spin at highspeeds. This allows for faster drilling.

The torque curve,

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"Drill/driver OK, reciprocating and circular saws are junk. No torque, circular saw won't cut thru a 2x4, reciprocating won't cut a 4x4 without bogging."
"Indeed, this one is the best 12V driver. Get it. You will not be disappointed."
"I use this one for heavy work. It can do it all. None better."
"Love this Router"
"Great driver with only minor issues. App is limited. The last gen is almost as good, yet a lot cheaper."
"This saw replaced a Delta Unisaw in my shop. It's rock solid, powerful, and well made. Fence rivals Biesemeyer or Unifence. Worth the price, IMHO."
"Excellent performance but tough to use at high speed with soft wood, tends to drive too deep before impact kicks in."
"This is my only true drill. The key-less chuck works flawlessly as does the power/speed switch which is handy for drilling various density material."
"A quality sander that performs well day in and day out. Not the best dust bag, that's minor for me. Fits well in my hand and no fatigue with prolonged use."
"A good option for those looking for their first saw, or those looking to upgrade from a "portable" job site saw. Buy a decent blade and you'll be happy."