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Hingmy moves product

Hingmy drives traffic to vendors. The typical user searches for information that directly influences the purchasing decision. Example queries include: "10 inch table saw", "3hp planer", "small dust collector".

Hingmy is built to answer these questions. Users spend time on Hingmy researching their decision, but eventually move on to purchase from an outlet somewhere on the web. The choice of product is formed on Hingmy.

We value the relationship we have with manufacturers. Presenting a product in the best possible light is in the interest of Hingmy, the manufacturer, and the retailers.

How can we sell more product?

Data shows that customers gravitate toward products that have engaging product pages. Product descriptions, pictures, reviews, and complete specs all help attract customers. Popular products get stronger through the social proof the additional web traffic creates.

Top tools have...

  • a good description: The introduction matters.
  • full specs: Products with full specs are easier to find in searches, and don't put the customer on the defensive with missing data.
  • good pictures: many, high-resolution pictures of vital parts of the machine
  • user reviews: Readers like to get information from actual owners of the machine.
  • customer rep support: Customer love to see companies interact with other customers just like themselves. On the forum, a single post can create that impression.
  • a good company websites: Almost all customers view the company product website in addition to the Hingmy product site.

Getting listed on Hingmy will have a postive effect on you company's web traffic and interest in your products. You can increase this effect by taking ownership of the product pages on Hingmy.

Manufacturer Link offers...

  • Special branding in the forum: Identify yourself as a company representative with your company logo.
  • Admin Access: Make changesto the product descriptions.
  • Fast edits: Edits get accepted and displayed instantly.
  • No Cost: membership is free.

Control the message! Drive traffic.