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Cabinet Door/Raised Panel Calculator

Opening Height (H):
Opening Width (W):
Door Style
Stile Width (SW):
Overlay (OL):
Tool depth of cut (TD):
Panel gap (PG):

Single Door

0.25" overlay

single panel

Cabinet DoorCalculator Layout diagram

Advanced Mode

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  • single and double doors
  • multi-panel doors
  • metric mode


This calculator creates a cut list for the parts of a cabinet door:

  • raised panel construction with stiles and rails
  • all joints are created with a rail and stile router/shaper bit
  • the panel has a expansion gap (PG) all around
  • mullions are the same width as the rails and stiles
  • the overlay (OL) is applied to the entire circumference of the door
  • inset doors can be created by specifying a negative overlay (OL)

Version 1.3