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Hingmy Values

Here at Hingmy we want to be principled whenever we do something. We believe that consistency and predictability are necessary to create the environment for the community to thrive. Here are the top values we live by:

  • 1. Be honest

    At Hingmy honesty is part of our way of life. Anything you will find on our website is an honest and true statement. We present accurate data to the best of our ability. Hingmy does not favor any one manufacturer. Our site speaks the truth.

  • 2. Let the information run free

    The Hingmy staff are data curators. We monitor the site for spam and abuse, but we won't change information to suit our business needs.

  • 3. Let the user decide

    At Hingmy we treat all products equally. The order we display them in is the order the user wants to see them. We do not reorder products based on how much commission a product generates. We present the data our users want to see. Every time!

  • 4. Create the most complete product database on the planet

    We want our database to include every product on the planet. If you can buy it, we'll have it listed. We do not charge manufacturers for listing products, and we do not exclude any products. We want to present the most comprehensive view of the market to you, our users.

  • 5. Help manufacturers present their products

    We treat our manufacturers with respect. A lot of hard work has gone into producing each product. We will support our manufacturers and help them present their product in the best possible light. We pledge that all manufacturers will receive the same amount of support. At Hingmy we do not have favorites.

  • 6. Respect our users privacy

    Hingmy does not track your every move. We do not sell personally identifiable data to anyone. Browsing at Hingmy does not trigger a flood of junk mail of any kind. If we ever need to change this behavior (for example, you decide to subscribe to an email list), we will ask for your permission in a clear and concise manner. By default, your privacy comes first.

  • 7. Foster the community

    Hingmy is nothing without the participation of the community. Shopping is a social experience. We'll support the community and help it grow. Hingmy is the community.

  • 8. Bring buyers and sellers together

    Hingmy helps buyers find the best possible product that meets all their needs. We will optimize the experience on Hingmy to make this possible. Advertising and promotions will not be allowed to detract from this goal. Helping our users find the prefect product is our mission.