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Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router Review
Attention to detail creates greatness
by Lorenz Prem on 09-29-2014 4:40 am

After reviewing the fixed base version a coupleof weeks ago, I was very excited to get my hands on the MRP23EVSplunge router this week. If the engineering on the fixed baseversion is anything to go by, this router could be challenging forthe title of "Best Plunge Router in the Land". Let's take a look atwhat the MRP23EVS brings to the table, and how it sets itself apartfrom the competition.

The Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router

The MRP23EVS is a professional, two-piece plunge router fromBosch. It combines

Bosch MRF23EVS Fixed-Base Router Review
A few well engineered features make everything better
by Lorenz Prem on 08-27-2014 7:43 am

Routers are some of my favorite tools to review.There are so many things about a router that a manufacturer can getright or wrong. It's impossible to judge a router based on a fewpictures on a website.

This week I got my hands on the Bosch MRF23EVS router, a tool Ierroneously though would be just another average router. Let's takea look at what's so special about the MRF23EVS.

The Bosch MRF23EVS Router

The MRF23EVS is a variable speed router from Bosch. Some say itis the spiritual succes

Hitachi M12V2 Router Review
A great Value
by Lorenz Prem on 03-23-2014 3:30 pm

One of the best values in full-size plungerouters is the Hitachi M12V2. It has all the features of a largeproduction router, but the price tag of a bench router. Needless tosay, I had to get it into my shop. Let's take look if the M12V2performs like a proper plunge router, or if the price is too goodto be true.

The Hitachi M12V2 Router

The M12V2 is a full-size plunge router from Hitachi. Equippedwith a 3 1/2 HP motor this router was designed to take on heavyduty routing tasks in commercial shops. At 13.9 lbs th

Milwaukee 5615-24 Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 07-01-2013 1:23 pm

The second part of our Milwaukee 5615 routerreview concentrates on the plunge base. Like the fixed base wetested last week, the plunge base is heavy and very well built. Thesame innovative depth adjustment feature that caused some stirs inthe fixed base review makes an appearance. So far so good. Letstake a look at what we will find upon closer inspection, shallwe?

The Fixed Base

The fixed base is part of all kit versions of the 5615. Wetested it as part of the 5615-20 Router Review. It manages toimpress with its

Milwaukee Router Kit 5615-21 Review
by Lorenz Prem on 06-23-2013 6:23 pm

Working our way through all full-sized routerswe got our hands on the 5615-21, a member of Milwaukee's premierline of routers. Judging from the size of the box it arrived in weknew we were dealing with a serious tool. The 5615-21 even comeswith a strap to keep your hand in place. Let's take a look if theBodyGrip the line is known for is worth getting excited over, or ifit is just another gimmick.

The Milwaukee 5615-21 Router

Everything about the 5615 series is heavy duty. There is metaleverywhere; sometimes too much o

Black&Decker RP250 Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-30-2013 11:59 pm

Sticking with our principle of reviewing toolsthat people actually used, we took a look at the Black&DeckerRP250 plunge router this week. This entry level router looks like afull-featured router, but cost a lot less than the competition.

A lot of novices will find themselves looking at the RP250wondering if it is a good first router for woodworking. Alwayswanting to warn our readers about potential lemons, we decided toreview the RP250 for you. Lets take a look what the B&D RP250can and cannot do, and if it is worth your m

DeWalt DW618PK Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-17-2013 2:33 pm

A few weeks ago we reviewed the DeWalt DW618, anexcellent fixed base router. One way to purchase this tool is toobuy the DW618PK kit, which also includes a plunge base. At under~$200 this kit is an excellent choice for novices and professionalsalike. Naturally we had to decide for ourselves, if the plunge basematches the excellent quality of the fixed base. Let's take alook.

The DeWalt DW618PK Router Kit

The DW618PK router kit is part of the DW618 router system.DeWalt has created a single motor unit that fits into sev

DeWalt DW618 Fixed-Base Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 03-19-2013 2:43 pm

After reviewing the DW618D we took the motor outof the unit and installed it in the fixed base. That created theDW618, a fixed base router kit from DeWalt. If only getting areview out was as easy as that. We put the DW618 through the usualtest in our shop. Let's take a look at how well this short, plumprouter chews through wood.

The DeWalt DW618 Router

With the DW618 system DeWalt set out to create a router, whichmore often than not would be the best choice for the task at hand.In other words, the DW618 is meant t

Porter Cable 450PK Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 03-14-2013 10:48 pm

The second part of this week's Porter Cable 450review is a closer look at the kit version, the Porter Cable 450PK.This version adds a plunge base to the package. We heard rumorsthat this base turns the 450 into one of the best plunge routersavailable today. The fixed base model certainly left a goodimpression. Let's take a look at what the plunge kit can do.

The Porter Cable 450PK compact router kit

The 450PK kit comes with a motor, a fixed base, a plunge base,and a cloth storage bag. The motor unit and fixed base have

Porter Cable 450 Fixed-Based Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 03-13-2013 1:07 pm

The appetite of our reads for router reviewsseems to be insatiable. To make this week's review moreinteresting, we took a look at a compact router, the Porter Cable450. Until the term was coined by the company this category did noteven exit. Let's take a look at how the Porter-Cable 450 performedin our shop, and if you want to own a compact routers.

The Porter Cable 450 Compact Router

Porter-Cable calls the 450 a compact router. It is smaller thana mid size router, but significantly larger than a trim router. The450 h

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