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Adding Storage to your Garage
by Lorenz Prem on 01-26-2011 7:29 pm

The fastest way to add quality storage to yourgarage is an industrial shelving system. This type of shelving usesmodular interlocking parts to create very sturdy, yet economicalstorage space.

They are available in many grades starting with

Garage Door Weather Stripping
by Lorenz Prem on 01-03-2011 7:56 pm

Garage doors do not create a weather tight sealon their own. Weather stripping needs to be installed andmaintained all around the door. Installation takes very little timeand provides returns in energy saved.


  • Hammer
  • Handsaw or miter saw
  • Utility knife


  • Weather stripping (sides + top)
Building a Utility Closet
by Lorenz Prem on 10-15-2010 9:43 pm

The water heater in many homes is located in thegarage. Often it is simply attached to one of the walls. When theowners move in stuff starts piling up in the garage. The water heatand the feed pipes soon disappear under a collection of seldom usedthings.

One solution to this problem is to enclose the water heater in autility closet. The closet, which is basically an oversize armoire,physically separates your home's heating appliances from theworkspace that is your garage.


Begin by planning the

Installing a Compressed Air System in your Home Shop
by Lorenz Prem on 09-19-2010 7:21 pm

A compressed air system in the shop allows youto concentrate on the woodworking. If properly design, there isalways enough air to power your tools. We all want one. A qualitycompressed air system allows you to run professional air tools inyour shop. Lets take a look at what it takes to build one.

1) Pick a Compressor

A one man home shop needs a compressor that can drive the mostair hungry tool you will ever use. In most cases that's a sander orspray gun. I suggest you purchase a compressor than can drive thisload cont

Installing a large Air Compressor
by Lorenz Prem on 08-02-2010 8:25 pm

Large air compressors need to be installedproperly in order to maximize equipment live and safety, andminimize operating noise. First pick a suitable location. Acompressor has to be installed on a sturdy floor such as concrete.The weight of the machine and vibrations during operation candamage other types of floor. Installation on a wood floor isparticularly worrisome. The floor and walls will amplify theoperating noise of the compressor.


Besides the flooring also consider machine clearances and thesource of

Installing a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener
by Lorenz Prem on 10-11-2009 6:56 pm

I decided to install a garage door opener on thenew doors I installed earlier this summer. A conventional garagedoor opener cannot be installed in my garage. A beam sits right inthe path of the track.

Liftmaster 3800

I did some research and found the Liftmaster 3800 jackshaftopener (

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  • Chapter 3
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  • Chapter 5
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  • Chapter 9
Installing new Garage Doors
by Lorenz Prem on 03-29-2009 9:58 pm

Replacing or installing our own garage doors cansave you a lot of money. For the average DIYer the task should be asimple one. The instructions are the same for almost allresidential garage doors.

Measure your opening carefully before ordering the new doors.You can get door kits from home centers or garage door companies.Your first door will probably take you 4-6 hours to complete. Thesecond will be much faster.

Remove the old door

Begin by removing the old door and springs. Open the doorand

Installing Garage Door Torsion Springs
by Lorenz Prem on 03-28-2009 8:32 pm

Torsions springs for garage doors have been asource of danger for the DIYer. Winding them required two metalbars that turned into missiles when things went wrong.

Garage door manufacturers have responded to this problem andreleased simpler systems that are DIY friendly. This post shows youhow easy it is to install one of these systems. The instructionsare for the Coplay EZ-Torsion Spring system. Other systems installin a similar way.

Installation Video

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