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Adding Storage to your Garage

by Lorenz Prem
published on January 26 2011 7:29 pm

The fastest way to add quality storage to your garage is an industrial shelving system. This type of shelving uses modular interlocking parts to create very sturdy, yet economical storage space.

They are available in many grades starting with shelves intended for consumers and topping out at industrial shelves 50ft high supporting tons of goods. The principles remain the same.

Install Shelving Units

Commercial shelving is particularly suited for a garage environment. It's not meant to look good; it's built to resist abuse. All but the weakest shelves will support anything that typically finds its way into a garage.

Occasional exposure to water is not a problem either. Individual units can be combined into long rows of shelves, which creates a consistent look. The shelves are very light weight for the wait they can carry. Residential units can be moved by a single person.


If you want to add shelving to your garage or storage space, measure the wall space available. Determine how many units you will need to cover the space. Select the depth you want the shelves to have. 18" and 24" are the standard sizes available almost everywhere. Create your shopping list and make your run to the home center.

Places to Buy

Residential grade metal frame shelving can be bought at home centers. Commercial grade shelving is sold by specialty suppliers.

Occasionally a great find makes its way to craigslist or other classified ads. If you plan on storing heavy things such as barrels of paint or sacks of concrete, make sure the shelves you buy are rated for the load.

The units, being made from metal, are very heavy. Bring a friend to the store to help you load them into your car.


Shelf assembly is relatively simple. Individual parts either span together or are held together with bolts and nuts. Begin by assembling the vertical posts.

Next attach the lowest rung of cross members all around the lowest shelf. At this point the entire assembly is very unstable. Adding the second shelf firms up the assembly significantly. Only when all parts are in place the shelf becomes strong and rigid. During assembly parts that were placed in position earlier can be dislodged. Try to keep everything in place as best as you can.


Metal shelving units are the fastest, most economical way to significantly increase the storage space in your garage. Only a few units can make a big difference in your garage.

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