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Why does a Drill/Driver have a Clutch?
by Lorenz Prem on 08-15-2013 11:22 pm

The most complicated part of a drill/driver tounderstand is the clutch. Why is there an extra part on a tool thatcan only rotate in one of two directions? Let's take a look at whata clutch does and how to use it to produce better work.

What is a clutch and how does it work?

"The clutch of a drill/driver limits the torque output of thetool. This prevents over-driven fasteners, snapped off fastenerheads, and damage to the material being worked on."

The clutch on a power drill/driver works m

How to deal with your Man's Tool Addiction
by Lorenz Prem on 07-08-2013 12:45 pm

The garages and junk drawers of America are fullof tools that rarely get used. Many a spouse wonders why theirsignificant other keeps insisting on buying yet more toolsseemingly to just put them into storage next to the ones that camebefore.

At first glance this behavior seems outright mad. Upon closerinspection, however, it turns out that excessive tool hoarding is asimple shopping addiction.

Understand what is happening

We all enjoy shopping. We just like to buy different things.Cars, clothes, boat

How to take care of Lawn Mower Blades
by Lorenz Prem on 05-22-2013 9:32 pm

The blade in your lawn mower is probably notsomething you have spent a lot of time thinking about. If you wantto keep your lawn healthy, and your mower running smoothly, thereare a few things you need to consider. Let's take a look at what ittakes to keep your lawn mower blade in tip-top shape.

1) Keep your blade sharp for a healthy lawn (if you want)

Most people never replace or resharpen the blade in their lawnmower for as long as they own the mower. They figure since themower still cuts grass, there is no need to re

Don't use E15 Fuel in your gasoline powered Tools
by Lorenz Prem on 02-18-2013 7:32 pm

The government's move to renewable energysources has made fuel purchases for our outdoor equipment a littleharder. In order to protect your engine from internal corrosion,you must avoid the new E15 fuel and purchase fuel with an ethanolcontent of 10% or lower.

What is E15?

E15 is new fuel/ethanol mixture mandated by the government. Itcontains up to 15% of ethanol as opposed to 10% in E10, which iscommon throughout the country. Chances are you will see E15 at yourgas station this summer. The government mandates the sal

Why pay more for Festool?
by Lorenz Prem on 01-02-2013 7:20 pm

The most expensive and exclusive toolmanufacturer on market today is the German company Festool. Theysell their tools at a significant markup compared to thecompetition. Yet the business is booming. Let's take a look at whatmakes Festool the favorite of so many carpenters andwoodworkers.

Festool is a system

Festool's main selling point is that every tool they sell ispart of the Festool system. That means that the tool will work withany of the accessories sold for it and other tools.

For example, the

How to buy Safety Glasses
by Lorenz Prem on 12-30-2012 8:52 pm

Keeping your eyes safe while working with powertools is very important. In fact, Norm Abram, the New Yankeewoodworker, always opens his show with this tip: "There is no moreimportant safety rule than to wear these, safety glasses". Everytime you pick up a power tool you should be wearing a pair ofsafety glasses. Let's take a look a how to buy safety glasses thatkeep you safe and don't get in the way.

What makes for a pair of good safety glasses

Just like any pair of glasses safety glasses have to becomfortable to wear

What you can do with an Angle Grinder
by Lorenz Prem on 12-30-2012 4:54 pm

One of the lesser known power tools is the anglegrinder. Most people associate it with flying sparks and heavyconstruction. Turns out an angle grinder is one of the most usefultools to have around the house. If you have ever used one, you'llnever want to go without one. Let's take a look at why anglegrinders are so useful.

Angle Grinders are grinding and cut-off tool

An angle grinder uses an abrasive disk to cut through material.Unlike the teeth of a saw blade, which take small savings, the gritof a grinding wheel slo

How to choose a Reciprocating Saw Blade
by Lorenz Prem on 12-28-2012 4:00 pm

Choosing a reciprocating saw blade can be adifficult task. If you choose the wrong one, it will dull very fastand leave you without a blade in the middle of a job.If you are notcareful, you'll spend a lot of time purchasing replacement blades.Let's take a look at what's important when choosing a reciprocatingsaw blade.

Material Type

No single reciprocating saw blade can cut every type ofmaterial. The most important thing to do is to purchase a bladethat is rated for the material you want to cut. Trying to make acut w

Are Brushless Power Tools worth it?
by Lorenz Prem on 12-07-2012 1:48 am

2012 was the year that brought brushless motortechnology to the world of power tools. The new brushless modelsare being promoted by the manufactures as being significantlybetter than the brushed motors we have been using for decades. 50%more power, 130% longer life, ...Let's cut through all themarketing hype and take a look at what a brushless motor canactually do for you in your power tools.

What is a brushless motor?

For an electric motor to turn, the magnetic field in the motormust change. As the field changes the

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"Drill/driver OK, reciprocating and circular saws are junk. No torque, circular saw won't cut thru a 2x4, reciprocating won't cut a 4x4 without bogging."
"Indeed, this one is the best 12V driver. Get it. You will not be disappointed."
"I use this one for heavy work. It can do it all. None better."
"Love this Router"
"Great driver with only minor issues. App is limited. The last gen is almost as good, yet a lot cheaper."
"This saw replaced a Delta Unisaw in my shop. It's rock solid, powerful, and well made. Fence rivals Biesemeyer or Unifence. Worth the price, IMHO."
"Excellent performance but tough to use at high speed with soft wood, tends to drive too deep before impact kicks in."
"This is my only true drill. The key-less chuck works flawlessly as does the power/speed switch which is handy for drilling various density material."
"A quality sander that performs well day in and day out. Not the best dust bag, that's minor for me. Fits well in my hand and no fatigue with prolonged use."
"A good option for those looking for their first saw, or those looking to upgrade from a "portable" job site saw. Buy a decent blade and you'll be happy."