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Building a built-in Closet
by Lorenz Prem on 05-13-2012 6:06 pm

A built-in closet is a great way to improve yourhome. It takes a bit of time to complete a project, but the processis not hard. This guide and the mini-guides linked within willexplain what's involved. Let take a look.

Design the Closet

Starting with a good design is the most crucial aspect of theprocess. A closet must be designed properly in order to delight itsusers. Great craftsmanship cannot compensate for shelves just outof reach, narrow access, or improperly spaced drawers.

The Closet Design

Making accurate cuts on a Table Saw
by Lorenz Prem on 04-18-2012 6:06 pm

Making accurate cuts on the table saw requireslittle dexterity and skill, if you take the time to set it upcorrectly. There a few simple steps to follow in order to produce aperfect cut. Let's take a look at what's involved.

Tune your table saw

A table saw is not a zero-maintenance tool. For perfect cuts thesaw must be tuned. No amount of skill can compensate for a badlytuned saw.

For a perfect cut, the blade, fence, and miter slots must bealigned correctly. If you skip this step, the saw not only

Choosing the correct vapor Barrier for Wood Floors
by Lorenz Prem on 04-11-2012 6:48 pm

Environmental moisture is the leading cause forfailure in wood floors. Never mind spilling water onto your floors,moisture that is already in your crawlspace or basement can andwill attack your floors.

Managing moisture

Wood expands and contracts as the temperature and moisturecontent of the air that surrounds it change. Excessive moisture,rapid changes in moisture content, and rapid temperature changescan cause a wood floor to buckle or crack. Managing the environmentin the room the floor is installed in is the first

Dewalt DWHTHT450 Hammer Tacker Review
by Lorenz Prem on 02-15-2012 1:47 pm

Hammer tackers are fickle things. They have atendency to jam and be a nuisance on the jobsite. I finally hadenough and bought the Dewalt DWHTHT450, a hammer tack that looks asgood as it performs. Let's take a look at what makes it work.

Solid body

Unlike cheaper models that use stamped steel, the DHWHTH450'sbody is made from poured steel. The body and the handle are formedfrom two pieces split along the long long axis of the tool. Theresult is a tool that is indestructible under normal operation. Iam sure I could

Dewalt DG5617 20-Pocket Pro Framer's Tool Belt Review
by Lorenz Prem on 01-26-2012 2:41 pm

While working on the house I noticed that Ispent a significant amount of time searching for tools every day. Ihad no problems finding the big power tools. It was the tapemeasure, my pencils, and my framing square, which seemed to wanderoff into the far corners of the house. The pros know about thisproblem all too well. Their solution is the tool belt. The beltkeeps all frequently used hand tools on the person at all times. Atool belt was what I needed.

I looked around for a good option and landed on the DeWaltDG5617 tool belt sy

Bosch Pl1682 Power Planer Review
by Lorenz Prem on 12-13-2011 6:40 pm

During the prep work for a new wood floor Idiscover a sharp ridge in the subfloor of one area of my house.About 1//4" of material had to be removed over a large area toflatten the subfloor. The prefect, and probably only, tool for thisjob is a power plane. After doing some research I decided to getthe Bosch PL1682, a powerful and affordable power plane. Let's takea look at how well it performed.

Build quality

The PL1682 arrived at my house in perfect working order. Itested the sole of the tool with a straightedge

Replacing a Toilet
by Lorenz Prem on 12-04-2011 9:24 pm

A few years ago I replaced my old water wastingtoilets with new water efficient models. Not wanting to pay whatthe plumber was asking for installation, I learned what it takes toinstall a toilet. The process is actually easier than it sounds. Ifyou are in the market for a new toilet, a self install is a veryviable option.

The team at Home Depot has made a great video about the subject.The presenter does not get dirty, which probably is an unrealisticassumption.

Lutron MA-T51 Countdown Timer Review
by Lorenz Prem on 12-03-2011 11:47 pm

I have been looking for the perfect bathroomtimer for while now. My old wind-up timer won't stay on anymore.Enter the Lutron MA-T51, a timer with seriously good design. Let'stake a look at what makes it tick (it's actually silent).

Usage Model

The engineers at Lutron did their homework. They figured out howa timer should work. I want my timer to keep the bathroom fanrunning for some time after I leave. I don't want to do anythingspecial to get that done. That's it.

The Lutron delivers. The big

Clark Super 7R Edger Review
by Lorenz Prem on 12-02-2011 12:37 pm

I recently had a chance to work with a ClarkeSuper 7R floor edger on a project. Like all tools from Clarke(website), the Super 7R is a professional tool for flooringinstallers. I used one to prepare the subfloors in my house for anadditional layer of plywood, and to refinish a worn-out oak floor.Let's see how it did.

Build quality

The Clarke 7R feel like one solid chunk of metal. That's becauseit is a solid chunk of metal. There is not one plastic part on it.I am absolutely confident that any part of the machi

Making Floor Vents air tight
by Lorenz Prem on 12-01-2011 8:16 pm

One of the most common areas of heat loss inresidential heating systems are the duct joints. The building codecalls for all joints to be either taped or covered with mastic.Older homes like mine often do not have this work done. Thehomeowner can greatly reduce his or her heating costs by sealingthese joints.

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