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CNC Router Product Guide

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CNC Router Guide


CNC machines are the most productive machines in your shop short of owning your own production line. There are machines for panel dimensioning and machines for creating full 3D sculptures.


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A CNC router has three main components: the body, the spindle, and the controller.

The body of the machine defines it's capabilities. The maximum cutting parameters are limites by the frame. Cutting speed is determined by the drive motors. Chances are the body will outlast the original spindle and motor.

The controller, which is essentially a PC, controls the movements of the machine. Most routers use standard protocols. This means you can purchase the controller from the same company you purchase the body from, or you can go elsewhere. You can even build your own controller from a PC and custom software.

Spindles can be replaced at any time. If the manufacturer does not offer an option you like, you can buy the spindle or router elsewhere.

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