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Belt Sander Product Guide

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Belt Sander Guide


Belt sanders excel at finish and multi-pass sanding flat surfaces. Amongst the most power hungry machines in any shop, belt sanders put out more dust than any other machine.

As an added benefit, the belt sander's superior dust collection capabilities removes the dust produced during sanding operation from the shop environment.



Having multiple heads greatly increase the utility of the machine. Belt changes are eliminated, since different grits can remain mounted between operations. A multi-head machine can complete a finish and rough sanding pass in a single operation.

Shopping Guide

Belt sanders are machines for the production shop. As such, the most important decision is the layout of the production flow. The sander is only one part of the setup.

Lay out the workflow in your shop. Choose a machine that significantly improves the capabilities of your shop based on this workflow.

Multi-head configurations are an important consideration. A dual, tripple, or even quadruple head sander combines a number of operations into one.

In a small shop environment the open-sided machines excels. These machines have excellent small part performance, and can be used for larger work in a pinch.

Belt Sanders by Max width

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