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Black&Decker RTX-B Rotary Tool Review
by Lorenz Prem on 05-22-2013 4:25 pm

Small die grinders (or small rotary tools) arefun to use. Well built ones are like pens that write in wood. TheBlack&Decker RTX rotary tool is a challenger in a nichedominated by the Dremel company. Always wanting to support healthycompetition we had to get the RTX into our shop. Let's take a look,if the cheaper challenger can take it to the king of rotarytools.

The Black&Decker RTX Rotary Tool

The RTX immediately manages to impress with its compact feel.You get an amazingly well built tool for the price. The

Arcade Cabinet - Installing the Software
by Lorenz Prem on 05-18-2013 8:56 pm

To make the arcade cabinet come to life we needto install a few pieces of software on the PC contained within.This will take some time to complete, but once the work is done thecabinet will be able to play just about any title from the goldenyears of the arcade.

You can use these instructions to turn your PC into an Arcadesimulator. The keyboard won't offer the same experience as anarcade joystick, but the games will run just the same.

Install an Operating system

The operating system of your cabin

DeWalt DW272 VSR Drywall Scrugun Review
by Lorenz Prem on 05-15-2013 1:43 am

We do not get to test a lot of screw drivers inour shop. Screw guns are one of just a few tools that areexclusively used by the trade. The DeWalt DW272 has all the rightproperties to make it last in the demanding world of construction.It looks tough, and roars mightily. Let's see how well the DW272performs under close inspection.

The DeWalt DW272 Screwdriver

The DeWalt DW272 was engineered to be the ultimate drywallscrewdriver. Every component of the tool is strong enough tocomplete this mission, but not over-engineer

DeWalt DWE357 Compact Reciprocating Saw Review
by Lorenz Prem on 05-07-2013 9:25 pm

DeWalt recently released a new compactreciprocating saw. The DWE357 takes the established reciprocatingsaw design and shrinks it down to 14.5" of length. With the motorinstalled at an angle this saw can go where few other saws can.Let's take a look at what the DWE357 can do and if it is a betterreciprocating saw.

The DeWalt DWE357 Recip Saw

DeWalt created the DWE357 to fill a niche in the reciprocatingsaw market. Sometimes you need to make a single cut, but do notwant to set up your full size reciprocating saw for the

Black&Decker RP250 Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-30-2013 11:59 pm

Sticking with our principle of reviewing toolsthat people actually used, we took a look at the Black&DeckerRP250 plunge router this week. This entry level router looks like afull-featured router, but cost a lot less than the competition.

A lot of novices will find themselves looking at the RP250wondering if it is a good first router for woodworking. Alwayswanting to warn our readers about potential lemons, we decided toreview the RP250 for you. Lets take a look what the B&D RP250can and cannot do, and if it is worth your m

Milwaukee 2453-22 Impact Driver Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-23-2013 9:21 pm

We have been trying to get our hands on aMilwaukee Tool 2453-22 cordless impact driver for some time now. Inour opinion it is the most exciting new impact driver that iscoming out this year. Instead of going big, Milwaukee created asmaller, full-featured impact driver. Let's see what brushlessmotor technology can do for driving screws.

The Milwaukee Tool 2453-22 Cordless Impact Driver

The 2453-22 is part of Milwaukee's next generation of powertools. It is equipped with a brushless motor, a digital controlunit, and an

Drill perpendicular holes - Big Gator Drill Guide Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-20-2013 8:41 pm

Drilling perfectly perpendicular holes is acommon woodworking and carpentry task. Big Gator Tools offers whatis probably the simplest jig for getting a perfect result everytime. The V-DrillGuide is so versatile in its application, that itshould be in every woodworker's toolbox.

The Big Gator V-DrillGuide

As the name suggests, the V-DrillGuide guides the drill as itcompletes a cut. The drill bit fits into one of the holes of thejig with such precision that it becomes impossible for the drillbit to move in any other dir

DeWalt DW618PK Plunge Router Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-17-2013 2:33 pm

A few weeks ago we reviewed the DeWalt DW618, anexcellent fixed base router. One way to purchase this tool is toobuy the DW618PK kit, which also includes a plunge base. At under~$200 this kit is an excellent choice for novices and professionalsalike. Naturally we had to decide for ourselves, if the plunge basematches the excellent quality of the fixed base. Let's take alook.

The DeWalt DW618PK Router Kit

The DW618PK router kit is part of the DW618 router system.DeWalt has created a single motor unit that fits into sev

Porter Cable PC13CSL Circular Saw Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-10-2013 6:53 pm

The Porter Cable PC13CSL came to us heavilyrecommended by many hobbyists. It is supposed to be a greatcircular saw at an even better price. Off course talk like that gotus interested. Let's take a look if the PC13CSL is indeed as greatof a buy as people say.

The Porter Cable PC13CSL Circular Saw

The PC13CSL is an entry level circular saw from Porter Cable. Ithas none of the value-add features of the full-priced saws, but itis very much capable of making accurate cuts. The motor isgenerously sized at 13 amps. At this p

Black&Decker 9099KC Cordless Drill Review
by Lorenz Prem on 04-05-2013 3:43 pm

One of the perks of writing tool reviews isgetting to play with best tools money can buy. This week we decidedto go the other way and take a look at the cheapest cordless drillthat could still be called a power tool. The Black&Decker9099KC fits this description. It is bargain drill sold in manydepartment stores under many different skus. Let's take a look atwhat happens when someone designs and builds the cheapest cordlessdrill possible.

The Black&Decker 9099KC Cordless Drill

Right from the start Black&Dec

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Recent Reviews
"Drill/driver OK, reciprocating and circular saws are junk. No torque, circular saw won't cut thru a 2x4, reciprocating won't cut a 4x4 without bogging."
"Indeed, this one is the best 12V driver. Get it. You will not be disappointed."
"I use this one for heavy work. It can do it all. None better."
"Love this Router"
"Great driver with only minor issues. App is limited. The last gen is almost as good, yet a lot cheaper."
"This saw replaced a Delta Unisaw in my shop. It's rock solid, powerful, and well made. Fence rivals Biesemeyer or Unifence. Worth the price, IMHO."
"Excellent performance but tough to use at high speed with soft wood, tends to drive too deep before impact kicks in."
"This is my only true drill. The key-less chuck works flawlessly as does the power/speed switch which is handy for drilling various density material."
"A quality sander that performs well day in and day out. Not the best dust bag, that's minor for me. Fits well in my hand and no fatigue with prolonged use."
"A good option for those looking for their first saw, or those looking to upgrade from a "portable" job site saw. Buy a decent blade and you'll be happy."