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Cabinet Door Calculator
Rail&Stile Door Design made easy
by Lorenz Prem on 06-01-2010 10:00 pm

You can find the cabinet door calculatorhere:

Hingmy Cabinet Door Calculator

There are many ways to build a cabinet door. This calculatorcovers doors made with rail&stile router bits.

How to install an Ethernet Patch Panel
What it takes to terminate your data cables
by Lorenz Prem on 05-26-2010 9:29 pm

Ethernet uses a home-run or hub model. All wiresrun from the point of service to a central location. A router sitsat the center and routes signals from one machine to next and tothe modem. Let's take a look at the part required to build yourwiring hub:

Flat Surface

A good patch panel location is a flat plywood surface about 2'wide and 3' high. The plywood makes it easy to attach thenetworking equipment and wires to the wall with nails. A shelf is avery useful thing to have. If you can't mount the router in therack, t

DowelMax Jig Review
Drilling accurate dowel holes
by Lorenz Prem on 05-19-2010 9:57 pm

We use the Dowel Max in our shop. You can watchthe videos on youtube to see how it works. What you probably wantto hear from me is how accurate the thing is. The Amazon reviewsare correct. This jig is the real deal. It is 100% accurate. Simpleto use and dead accurate every time.

The thing it does not do so well is positioning that first dowelin exactly the right spot. When joining two pieces of equalthickness it doesn't matter if the dowels are closer to one surfacethan the other. Positioning the dowels when the two pieces areof

Does Latex Paint expire?
How long can I store paint before it goes bad?
by Lorenz Prem on 05-09-2010 9:27 pm

Yes, latex paint doesexpire! Latex paint does not, however, expire like milk orfood does.

Paint can, and in most cases will, become unusable after sometime in storage. How long this takes depends on how the paint wasstored.

If properly handled, latex paint can be safely stored forseveral years. Conditions must be perfect for the paint to reachits maximum life.

Manufacturers know this. In fact, the storage life of paintvaries so widely that the manufacturers avoi

Tools to get for fixing Drywall
by Lorenz Prem on 05-04-2010 9:39 pm

Sooner or later you will have to fix your walls.Drywall gets damaged, or there is leak in the walls. Here is a listof tools and materials you'll need to fix your walls.


  • Utility knife : Drywall sheets arecut to size by scoring one size with a utility knife and breakingthe side off in one swift motion. Keep your knifes sharp.
  • Drywall saw: A drywall saw is usedto
How to repair drywall
A simple fix for a common problem
by Lorenz Prem on 05-03-2010 10:44 pm

Sometimes you have to patch holes in drywall.Either there is a dent in the wall, or you had to cut an accesshole. The fix, fortunately, is simple enough.

Wooded slates and drywall

When you cut a hole to install wires, do not throw away thepiece of drywall you just cut out. It perfectly fits into the hole.It can be used to cover the hole back. To provide a surface tomount the drywall to, secure two thin pieces of wood along theedges of the drywall with screws. Put the piece of drywall in placeand secure it to the slats

Installing Ethernet in the House
Wire your house for data
by Lorenz Prem on 05-03-2010 10:17 pm

Installing wired internet in your home is notdifficult. Snaking wires behind the walls takes time, but theinstallation procedure is very straight forward. There is no reasonto hire an electrician for this job. Any handyman or homeowner canget this done.


The parts required for the installation are readily available onthe internet. Resellers like offer pricessignificantly cheaper than the home stores. Your shopping list isamazingly short.

  • 1 x Patch panel
How to clean a Glass Cook Top
by Lorenz Prem on 04-25-2010 7:30 pm

Glass cook tops can get real dirty. Drips easilyturn into a black backed on mess, if you are not careful. The goodnews is that the top can be restored to its factory finish. It doesnot have to stay dirty.

The best way to go about cleaning a glass top is to use a glasstop cleaner. Glass cook top cleaners are none abrasive cleanersmade for the job. Brand names matter very little. All are appliedand used the same way. Their chemical composition is probablysimilar as well. The point is that they all work reasonably well.Don't stress

Why you need a Shop Vac in your Home
by Lorenz Prem on 04-09-2010 8:01 pm

Shop vacuums are a very versatile tool to have.They have a place in every home.

Shop vacs can remove water

Shop vacs, sometimes called wet/dry vacs, have the capability tosuck up both dust an liquids. This ability makes them the essentialcleanup tools for the smaller or larger mess in your home.

For example, if your sink is clogged and filled with grosswater, you can suck up the water with the shop vac. It will cleanlyempty the sink for you. Toilets are not a problem either.

A good

How to Deep Clean your Carpet
by Lorenz Prem on 04-09-2010 7:40 pm

Kids, pets, your significant other, and yourselfall drag dirt into the house. No matter how careful you are,eventually it's time to deep clean the carpet. There are severaloptions for doing this, all of which use the same process.

Deep cleaners inject water and cleaning solution into thecarpet. The solution loosens the dirt particles in the carpet. Thewater helps carry the particles into the collection canister. Themachines you can use for this vary in power, but not necessarily incapability. The larger the machine, the fewer pass

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Recent Reviews
"Drill/driver OK, reciprocating and circular saws are junk. No torque, circular saw won't cut thru a 2x4, reciprocating won't cut a 4x4 without bogging."
"Indeed, this one is the best 12V driver. Get it. You will not be disappointed."
"I use this one for heavy work. It can do it all. None better."
"Love this Router"
"Great driver with only minor issues. App is limited. The last gen is almost as good, yet a lot cheaper."
"This saw replaced a Delta Unisaw in my shop. It's rock solid, powerful, and well made. Fence rivals Biesemeyer or Unifence. Worth the price, IMHO."
"Excellent performance but tough to use at high speed with soft wood, tends to drive too deep before impact kicks in."
"This is my only true drill. The key-less chuck works flawlessly as does the power/speed switch which is handy for drilling various density material."
"A quality sander that performs well day in and day out. Not the best dust bag, that's minor for me. Fits well in my hand and no fatigue with prolonged use."
"A good option for those looking for their first saw, or those looking to upgrade from a "portable" job site saw. Buy a decent blade and you'll be happy."