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Cordless Nailer Product Guide

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Cordless Nailer Guide


Cordless nailers can fire nails without being connected to an air compressor.


Two types of cordless nailers are available in the market today: cartridge powered, and battery powered.

Cartridge powered nailers use the energy stored in a cartridge of gas to fire the nails. They cartridge must be replaced with a new one when it runs out of gas. The battery only provides power to the control circuits.

Battery powered nailers use the power stored in the battery to fire the fasteners. This type of nailer fires slower. Battery changes are much more frequent.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose a type of fuel

The choice of fuel changes the way the nailer is used. Cartridge nailers have high fire rates, and fast cycle times. Replacement cartridges can be expensive, especially compared to battery powered nailers. They are most often found at the jobsite where speed is an issue.

Battery powered nailers use a fly wheel to store the energy necessary to fire a nail. The wheel takes some time to spin up to speed. This creates longer cycle times. A battery powered nailer is a good choice for situations where speed is not an issue.

2) Choose a nail gauge

Nailers can only shoot a single nail gauge. A separate nailer needs to be purchased for each nail gauge. Choose the correct nail gauge for your scenario.

Cordless Nailers by Nail gauge

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