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Edge Sander Product Guide

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Edge Sander Guide


Edge sanders are commonly found in cabinet shops. They excel at finish sanding the edge of panels. The sander will maintain a square edge on the workpiece over the entire length of the workpiece, which is the defining characteristic of the edge sander.



Oscilating belts produce a better finish than a normal belt.

Shopping Guide

The most common operation done on a belt sander is finishing the edges of a cabinet door. For this operation the platen behind the belt must be longer than the longest edge of the panel. If this is not the case, the user must make a sliding pass. This requires considerably more skill than a single pass.

The table of the sander needs to be large enough to support the workpiece in order for the user to reliably guide the piece into the belt. Shop for a machine with a large table.

Belt sanders are amongst the most messy machines in the woodshop. Having adequate dust collection capabilities nearby is strongly recommended.

Edge Sanders by Platen length

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