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Boring Machine Product Guide

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Boring Machine Guide


A boring machine creates several holes in a single machine cycle. They are commonly used in manufacturing lines and cabinet shops . The number and pattern of the holes can be adjusted to match the current need.


Spindle Count

Single spindle boring machines are often used for routing mortises. They are equipped with sliding tables or floating drill heads.

Multi-spindle machines drill holes based on a pattern. Each machine has a maximum pattern width, and a minimum distance between two adjacent spindles.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose the number of heads

First select how many  heads you require on your boring machine. A single head boring machine is a different tool than a multi-head machine.

Understand how the boring machine fits into your shop's workflow.

2) Choose a maximum and minimum pattern distance

For multi-head machines the pattern options are a paramount consideration. Many aspects of the pattern, such as its maximum size, are a fixed property of the machine. Purchase a machine that supports the patterns you require in your shop.

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