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Miter Saw Product Guide

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Miter Saw Guide


Miter saws differ mostly in their cutting capacity. Large blades and a sliding mechanism can give a top of the line machine twice the cutting capacity of a smaller one.


Single/Double Bevel

The head of the saw can tilt to the right or left for a bevel cut, which is a common cut in finish carpentry. On a single bevel model the head tilts in only one direction. On a double bevel model the head tilts in both directions.

A single bevel model can make all cuts a double bevel model can make, but there will be only one way to place the workpiece on the machine. On a double bevel machine, the user has a choice.

This limitation matters when cutting long stock like modling in a small room.  A single bevel requires space on both ends, whereas a double bevel machine requires space on only one side.


The sliding mechanism greatly extends the crosscut width of the saw. The mechanism is considerably more prone to going out of alignment than the hinge on basic models. A hinge-type model will have shorter cutting dimensions, but also longer service life.

Shopping Guide

1) Sliding vs Standard

Sliding miter saws have larger crosscut capacity than standard saws. The sliding mechnism adds a considerable amount of cost to the machine, but the utility of the saw goes up.

Standard saws are simple machines by comparision. Some have larger blades than the sliders.

2) Single vs Double bevel

Double bevel machines are a must for the interior carpenter and framers. Rotating the stock to make a cut takes too much time and/or room in these environments.

Single bevel machines are considerably cheaper than double bevel machines. If you have the room to feed the saw from both sides, a single bevel saw can make all cuts the double bevel machines can do.

Miter Saws by Blade diameter

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