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06-07-2014 11:03 pm

Testing my way through all trim routers on themarket I made my way to the yellow one. The DeWalt D26670 with itsrugged construction promises to be an interesting one. Let's take alook what the D26670 can do in the Hingmy workshop, and how itstacks up against the competition.

The DeWalt D26670 Trim Router

The D26670 is a commercial trim router from DeWalt. The kitincludes the motor unit and a solid base. The tilt


05-11-2014 6:24 pm

My router collection grew this week with theaddition of the Makita RT0701 trim router. It was on my shortlistof challengers for the title of best trim router. Let's take a lookat what qualities lifted the RT0701 into the ranks of the best trimrouters on the market.

The Makita RT0701 Trim Router

The RT0701 is a trim router from Makita. The basic kit includesa motor unit and fixed base. Additional base options and ac


Trim Router Guide


Trim routers are primarily used for fine work where a full sized router would be too cumbersome. Motor and tool sizes are small to increase handling.

Shopping Guide

A trim router complements a full size router. It is a specialty tool. A good trim router is compact first, and powerful second.

A 1/4 collet is large enough to do anything a trim router was designed to do. A larger collet is not necessary.

Offset trim routers move more of the tool's mass over the workpiece. The bit rides off-center along the edge of the workpiece. This makes offset routers more stable during certain operations. The offset bit, however, demands more care from the operator when a guide fence is used. The distance from the bit to the edge of base plate is different all around.

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"The powerful motor, variable speed control, and high quality make this one of the best trim routers. An issue with the depth adjustment mars the experience."