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Cordless Jig Saw Product Guide

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Cordless Jig Saw Guide


Jigsaws excel at circular and free hand cuts in sheet stock. Due to much higher blade deflection compared to a circular saw, jigsaws are not suitable for straight cuts. Accurate cuts can be difficult.

A jig saw's accuracy is primarily determined by the blade guides and the mouting mechanism of the base plate. Quality saws limit the blade's movement to on plane. Entry level saws have higher levels of blade deflection.

For angled cuts the base plate of the saw has to be tilted. The mechanism to hold the plate in place varies from model to model. Good designs allow for fast indexing of commonly used angles (90,45), and hold the plate in position under heavy use. On entry level models plate deflection can be problem.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose a battery voltage

The voltage of the battery more than anything else, determines the size and power level of the saw. High battery voltage saws are larger, and have more staying power.

2) Choose a price

In jigsaws there is a big divide between entry level and pro models. The quality of the blade guide, base plate, and bevel mechanism can vary wildly.


Cordless Jig Saws by Stroke length

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