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Spindle Sander Product Guide

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Spindle Sander Guide


Spindle sanders excell at sanding curves. They are the ideal companion of the bandsaw.


Oscillating Spindle

Oscillation greatly improves the quality of the sanding operation. Without the feature the sander can create groves in the workpiece when the sandpaper wear unevenly. An oscillating spindle eliminates all these problems by adding an up/down sanding action.

Spindle Size

Not all spindle sanders are made the same. The size of the spindle opening in the table top limits the maximum size of spindle that can be installed in the machine.

Shopping Guide

Choose your sindle sander based on the workpiece you want to sand. Benchtop sanders are limited to sanding shorter boards below 2-3ft. Floor mount models with large tables will handle everything you can produce on your bandsaw.

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