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Rip Saw Product Guide

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Rip Saw Guide


Rip saw excel at producing limited width rip cuts in very long stock. Often paired with roller tables, a rip saws produce high quality rip cuts at production level throughput.


Some rip saws can mount multiple blades. The baldes are mounted on an arbor shaft that streches the width of the machine. This allows the saw to cut multiple strips from a single board.

Shopping Guide

Ripsaws are production machines. They are intended to create relatively thin strips. A panelsaw offers more versatility regarding panel dimensions. Nothing, however, will outperform a ripsaw when it comes to speed.

A ripsaw is relatively easy to integrate into a production process. Usually paired with infeed and outfeed rollertables the saw processes stock in a straight line. Most ripsaws have infeed rollers that pull stock through the machine automatically.

1) Choose a maximum cutting width

The distance from the blade to the frame limits the maximum cutting width of the ripsaw. Wider pieces simply cannot be fed into the machine.

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