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MC-251-6N 4 sided moulder

Stock Number: MC-251-6NMC-251-6N

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Manufacturer Description

Individual drive motor for each feed rollers to ensure the maximum driving power for cutting.

Pneumatic brake for each spindle for adding safety feature.

All spindles are precision constructed with "DOUBLE BEARING" at each side of shaft, total of 4 bearing and especially heat treated to provide maximum cutting stability and permanent accuracy.

Feed speeds ranging from 20' ~ 98' per minute are a standard feature, faster feed speeds up to 120" per minute are available.

The full safely an enclosure cover as chips guard and helps to reduce noises.

79" In-feed table and all the working table surface are hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.

All manually adjusted turning parts are housed in dry hearings for oil-free lubrication.

One-piece, cast iron machine frame and table is especially normalization heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity.

The smooth initial feeding of the stock is achieved by the independently powered in-feed rollers.

Standard spindle speed is 7,000 RPM. Higher spindle speeds are available upon request.

Fence adjusted is quickly accomplished by a quick-setting lever.

The Three independent section pneumatic pressures for the in-feed rollers, in-process rollers and out-feed rollers can be set with individual pressure allowing for consistent feeding results and outstanding effect.

The entire motion controls of the machine are centralized on the control panel for convenient operations.

All control levers for the spindles are located at the front of the machine for convenient adjustment.

Each spindle is provided with a mechanical digital read out, that giving accurate adjustment.

The pressure roller for short stork can be fast raised, providing maximum convenient while cutter changing or setup.

The device permits the feeding of short stocks with a minimum length of 8".

Vertical spindle adjustment up to 20 mm, it allows to fit several tools on the vertical spindle, eliminating troublesome cutter change.

Separate adjustment of vertical spindle and insert table, permits the table to be position extremely close to the cutter head for added cutting stability.

The front pressure plate features draw-back performance with a mechanical digital read out. Which fully avoid damage on cutters caused by an over-height work piece.

The rear pressure plate with a mechanical digital read out provides extremely uniform molding pressure for outstanding parallelism accuracy of machining.

Individual motor drives each spindle and is separately mounted to eliminate spindle chattering during high speed running.

The roller in the out-feed table is powered, providing a smooth feeding effect for the tough stock.

The spindles are lubricated by the centralized lubrication system for convenience.

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MC-251-6N 4 sided moulder

ManufacturerLobo Machinery Corp.
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