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Cordless Oscillating Tool Product Guide

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05-24-2014 8:47 pm

This week the Milwaukee 2426 oscillating toolfound its way onto my workbench. It is one of the first cordlessoscillating tools ever made, and a best seller. Let's take a lookhow the 2426 measures up today.

The Milwaukee 2426 Cordless Oscillating Tool

The 2426 is a no-thrills professional grade oscillating toolfrom Milwaukee. First introduced several years ago, it is behindthe times in terms of power and features. T


Cordless Oscillating Tool Guide


Cordless oscillating tools have been introduced in 2012/13. They excel at making flush and plunge cuts in all materials.


Keyless Blade Changes:

Blade changes are a frequent operation when using a multi-tool. A keyless chuck allows the user to change blades with the use of a key or wrench.

Universal Adapter:

A universal adapter allows attachments from competing manufacturers to be mounted on the multi-tool.

Shopping Guide

The cordless oscillating tool market is still in it's infancy. There are few models to choose from at this time. If you already have other battery operated power tools, purchasing a multi-tool that takes the same batteries is a good choice.

The 12V models are significantly smaller than the 18V models making them more agile around the job site. If you only have a few cuts to make, the 12V tools provide enough performance. The 18V tools are a better choice, if you use your multi-tool for more than 10 minutes every hour.

Cordless Oscillating Tools by Max Speed

0 rpm
5,000 rpm
10,000 rpm
15,000 rpm
20,000 rpm
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"A capable tool that cuts well. Great choice for anyone who makes a few, quick cuts during the workday. Excessive vibrations limit heavy-duty use."
Cordless Oscillating Tools