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Downdraft Table Product Guide

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Downdraft Table Guide


Downdraft tables are used to evacuate dust and fumes from the work area. In woodworking they are primarily used to remove fine dust produced during sanding operations.


A downdraft table is nothing more than a fan mounted under a tabletop. The fan pulls air through the slits in the tabletop and exhausts through the table's exhaust port.

Some downdraft tables do not include a filter. The air coming out of the dustport must be filtered before it can be returned to the room.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose a tabletop size

The size of the tabletop is the most important consideration when purchasing a downdraft table. The table must be large enough to support your workpiece.

2) Choose a power level and motor size

The table must pull enough air in order to collect all the dust produced by the tool. Larger, more powerful motors tend to create more a more powerful suction effect. Good airflow design, however, make some tables perform better than others.

3) Check the table's ratings and intended use

If you plan on using your downdraft table around explosive fumes, the table must be rated for such use. Motors that are not rated "explosion proof" can ignite fumes and cause an explosion.

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