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Buffing Machine Product Guide

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Buffing Machine Guide


Buffing machines, as opposed to sanders, polish the workpiece. They do not remove meaningful amounts of stock.

There are several different types of sanding implements to choose from. A machine will mount one or more of these implements.


Buffing drum/spindle

Drums excel at buffing wide pieces.

Buffing wheel

Buffing wheels excel at buffing small and irregular surfaces.

Buffing/sanding belt

Some buffing machines pull double duty as a small belt sander.

Shopping Guide

1) Choose your implements

The most important consideration is to have the correct buffing implements on your buffing machine. Most shops require all operations.

Consider purchasing multiple machines. This allows multiple users to work with the machines simultaneously.

2) Choose a motor size

Buffing machines are large motors with buffing implements attached. There are few moving parts. A properly sized buffer will last a long time.

On a buffing machine the shaft of the motor is directly connected to the buffing wheel. Any slow down caused by the buffing action translates into slower motor rotation. This, in turn, creates heat in the motor.

A properly sized buffing machines allows the motor to spin almost freely under use. If the motor has to work hard too often, it will burn out prematurely.

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