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Legacy Color Connex Air Coupler Review

by Lorenz Prem
published on September 27 2011 11:32 am, modifed on May 13 2018 2:20 pm

When I first installed my compressed air system in my shop I installed budget air couplers. I regretted it immediately. A couple of the female fittings leaked air. Worst of all, some released the hose when I tugged on the tool end a bit to vigorously. That got annoying very fast. I needed new couplers. Enter the Legacy Color Connex line of air couplers. Performance mixed with a bit of showmanship was just the thing my shop needed.

Legacy Color Connex Coupler

I purchased the Legacy couplers for two reasons: they are attractive, and they appear to be of superior manufacturing quality.

The color Connex couplers come in five colors. Each collor corresponds to a fitting type. Legacy sells a large and small pack for each color. Individual fittings are available.

The different types/colors of fittings cannot be used with eachother. Make sure you are purchasing the correct type of fitting. The red industrial fittings are the default choice for woodshops. Industrial fittings are the most common type of fittings in use today.

Legacy ColorConnex
7 pieces14 pieces
Blue Automotive (Type C)NANA
Green ARO (Type B)NANA
Red Industrial (Type D) NANA

Legacy has created a full spec sheet to help you choose the correct type of fitting.

Somewhat unexpectedly, the red fttings turned my air drops into an eye catch. Everyone who comes in the shop notices the air system now. It's funny to watch how visitors unconsciously touch the fittings. Talk about attention grabbing.

In Action

All fittings are perfectly machined. Both the male and female fittings are built to spec. There are no air leaks anywhere.

The locking action of the female connectors is very tight and secure. There is very little wiggle room, if any, on the male end of the connection. All my attempts to wiggle the hose free of the connection were unsuccessful. The only way the connection is coming apart is using the release ring. That action is smooth, even when the line is under high pressure.

Overall the couplers perform flawlessly. Once connected, the hose stays in place. I don't have to think about my air delivery system anymore.


The Legacy Color Connex fittings are made from aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal. Because of this, the fittings scratch easily. None of this will affect performance, unless you dent a male fitting by dropping your tool.

On the plus side, the Color Connex fittings won't rust. Aluminum is also much lighter than brass. If you use Color Connex fittings on all your hoses and tools, you'll save a significant amount of weight. This is particularly noticeable on the tool end. Since I have replaced my brass fittings on my spray guns with the Color Connex, I have learned to appreciate the weight savings. I will not go back to brass anytime soon.

The Color Connex Coating

The color coating is the weak part of the Color Connex line. It's not strong enough to resist scratches of even the accidental kind. For example, the socket wrench I used to install a male fitting in my nail gun removed a few chips of coating on the hex shaped part of the fitting. The bare silver aluminum is now shining through.

You won't have to worry about the coating falling off on its own. It's rust proof and chemical resistant. What you can't count on is for the coating to remain immaculate. The male fittings in particular will develop a worn look very fast. Female fittings will not show scratches on the ring part, because there is no metal to metal contact in that area.

Unless you abuse the fittings, the coating will wear uniformly. This creates a unique look, which is still dominated by the color you chose. The fittings won't just turn silver on you. As long as you are aware that this will happen, I don't see this limitation as a significant problem. In fact, I like to look of worn tools and fittings.


Overall the Legacy Color Connex line of air fittings is a winner. Each fittings performs perfectly today and for many years. The color coating is attractive, but scratches easily on male fittings. Made from lightweight aluminum the fittings significantly reduce the weight near the tool you are using. If you don't mind a worn appearance, the Legacy Color Connex line of fittings will serve you well.

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