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Grizzly G9956 Air Filter Review

by Lorenz Prem
published on November 20 2009 9:41 pm

After procrastinating and covering the shop in a fine layer of dust for years, I finally decided to spend the money and get an air cleaner. I did my research, or tried to. There was not much data about air cleaners out there. Nobody seems to have tested them. I eventually bought the G9956 from Grizzly.

The G9956 Air Cleaner

When I unpacked the machine I immediately noticed why there was so little data out there. The G9956 is nothing more than a box with a blower inside. I naively expected engineering the be involved. Some sort of clever features that direct the air currents in the correct way to achieve efficiency. The Grizzly had none of that.

The G9956 is a metal box with a fan inside. A simple metal lip secures the inner and outer filter unit. The squirrel cage fan is bolted to the rear face of the box.

Build Quality

The little that is there, however, is sturdy. The metal housing is thick gauge material. It arrived square and plumb, and it looks like it will stay square and plumb for years.

The fan arrived well balanced. It sounds good during operations. The control box that holds the electronics is covered in clear, thin wall plastic. It's probably good enough, but it underscores the next point I am going to make.

The G9956 is cheap. It looks like the designers have cut corners where they could. The remote is is the cheapest remote I have ever seem. I don't expect it to last long. When it goes, the timer option of the cleaner will go with it. They are only accessible on the remote.

That being said, this unit is just an air cleaner. Do the internal components really need to be that tough. They are housed in a metal box after all. The plastic shield does keep the dust away.

In Use

During operation the Grizzly shines. It pulls in a lot of air, and is not too noisy. Off course a more objective test is in order here. All I can say is that the air cleaner does what it is supposed to do. My shop is cleaner. The proof is the dust in the filter. The cleaner is on all the time when I am in the shop. It does make it hard to listen to the radio, but it's quiet enough to be on all the time.

The Grizzly G9956 undoubtedly is capable of doing what it is supposed to do. It has a clear positive effect on the air in the shop. It is powerful, yet cheap.

The outer filter unit appears to be a standard furnace filter. It collects dust amazingly fast. If you don't have an air cleaner in your shop, a picture of a clogged outer filter will convince you to get one. This filter needs to be cleaned every few hours, depending on how much dust is in the air. After a few cleaning sessions the filter start to fall apart; it's made from paper after all. Replacement filters can be purchased at a home center or from Grizzly.

The inner filter is a special filter sold by Grizzly directly. It catches the fine particles the outer filter misses. The inner filter will last much longer than the outer filter, since it deals with much less volume. It can't be cleaned as easily, and is much more costly to replace. Depending on your use of the air cleaner and its load, the inner filter can last several years to several months.


I summary the G9956 is a bare-bones air cleaner. The powerful motor is very capable of cleaning the air in medium size shops. While some of the components are of questionable quality, the metal frame could not be better. Should anything break, you can install replacement components. In 3 years of use my G9956 has never had a problem.

Air filtration of the unit appears to be inline with Grizzly's claims. In our tests the unit is able to clear all visible dust from the air within 10-15 minutes. Your shop will be cleaner with this unit installed.

The best property of the G9956 is its price. You get a lot of power for what your are paying. If you are in the market for a no-thrills air cleaner of reasonable quality, the G9956 might be for you.

G9956 Air Filter


Air flow1,400 cfm
Sound rating
Filter type1 micron
Width19 7/8"
Depth30 1/8"
Height16 3/8"
Weight74 lbs

The Good

  • simple, yet functional
  • great filter performance
  • inexpensive filters
  • sturdy metal case
  • quality fan motor
  • high air flow
  • good price/quality ratio
  • durable paint

The Bad

  • poor remote
  • little more than a box with a fan
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