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Drawer Liner for the Kitchen

by Lorenz Prem
published on July 19 2010 6:41 pm

One of the easiest upgrades to your kitchen is to install drawer liner. Drawer liner, as the name suggests, covers the bottom of your drawers and protects them from dirt and mechanical damage that happens during everyday use. They have a place in every kitchen; even new ones. Bare wood should always be covered with a liner. Without it liquid and dirt can make its way into the open pores of the wood. Over time the cabinet will develop stains and a smell.

The liner comes in many varieties. Most are made from plastic or some other water resistant material. Foam liners cushion the drawer's content. Liners made for tool boxes hold the content in place. You need to match the liner to your intended application. Plastic stick-on liners are ideal for kitchens. They stay in place for many years, are cleanable, and look great.

Drawer liner comes in rolls. It needs to be cut to size with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge or ruler. Place the liner face down on a surface you don't mind cutting into. A short flat board works great for this. Only the area of the cut needs to be supported. Make the cut with your knife guided by the straight edge. For superior results use a office-style paper cutter.

Best of all, drawer liners can have a dramatic effect on how your kitchen looks when the drawers are open. You'll love this little upgrade to your kitchen.

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