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DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw Review

A rough Jigsaw for rough Cuts

  • "...powerful, fast, and durable..."
  • "...sets a speed record in our tests..."
  • "...inaccurate bevel mechanism and chuck..."
  • "...fails in the woodshop..."

What does it all add up to? Is it a good jigsaw for me?

Lorenz PremApril 13, 2014

The DeWalt DW331K jigsaw sits right in the middle of the price range. That makes it a tempting purchase for anyone who wants a better saw than one of the universally poor entry level jigsaws, but does not want to pay for the top-of-the-line models. Let's take a look at what the DW331K jigsaw can do in the Hingmy woodshop.

The DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw

The DW331K is a professional quality jigsaw from DeWalt. It was engineered to perform well on the job site, where speed and durability are valued above anything else. The saw's strongest features are its 6 1/2 amp motor, 3,100 spm cutting speed, and 3 position orbital action. These three c

Lorenz PremMarch 23, 2014

One of the best values in full-size plunge routers is the Hitachi M12V2. It has all the features of a large production router, but the price tag of a bench router. Needless to say, I had to get it into my shop. Let's take look if the M12V2 performs like a proper plunge router, or if the price is too good to be true.

The Hitachi M12V2 Router

The M12V2 is a full-size plunge router from Hitachi. Equipped with a 3 1/2 HP motor this router was designed to take on heavy duty routing tasks in commercial shops. At 13.9 lbs the M12V2 has the weight necessary to succeed in such an environment.

Think what you will about the lo

Lorenz PremApril 06, 2014

I use a multimeter to probe the tools I am reviewing every week here on Hingmy to gain a better understanding of how they work. The Fluke 87V meter I am using happens to be the most trusted millimeter on the market today. It and its predecessors have been in use in many industries for decades. If you value performance over cost there is no way around the Fluke 87V. Let's take a look at what makes this multimeter a favorite around the world.

The Fluke 87V Multimeter

The 87V is an industrial multimeter from Fluke, a leader in the multimeter market. It is the latest in the long running 87 series, one of the most renowned lines of mult

Lorenz PremMarch 16, 2014

I have used my trusted Porter Cable 557 plate joiner for almost a decade now. It's about time to bring in a few challengers and see if the old guard is still competitive in today's market. Enter DW682K, a surprisingly affordable plate joiner from DeWalt. Let's take look, if the DW682K can challenge the reigning champ.

The DeWalt DW682K Plate Joiner

The DW682K is a heavy duty plate joiner intended for production use. Every part of the tool has been engineered to perform in such an environment. The fe

Lorenz PremMarch 29, 2014

A small and inexpensive cordless screwdriver is a good tool to have around the house. It speeds up removal and installation of small fasteners and saves your wrist. The Hitachi DB3DL2 is such a tool. Knowing that the word "inexpensive" is almost always accompanied by "limited", I got the screwdriver into my shop for an in-depth review. Let's take a look at how the DB3DL2 performs.

The Hitachi DB3DL2 Screwdriver

The DB3DL2 is a light duty screwdriver from Hitachi. The great clutch makes it ideal for electronics assembly, appliance repair, and other tasks that involve small, low torque fasteners. The motor is powe


Cordless Drivers by Max torque

No Data:
0 ft-lbs
50 ft-lbs
100 ft-lbs
150 ft-lbs
Lorenz PremMarch 09, 2014

The excellent PCC600 cordless drill I reviewed a couple of weeks ago made me look forward to this week's review the PCC640 cordless driver. If the two tools are anything alike, the PCC640 will perform like a sport car. Let's take a look, if the PCC640 cordless driver matches the high quality of the tools in Porter Cable's 18V lineup, or if it turns out to be a lemon.

The Porter Cable PCCK640LB Cordless Driver

The design of the PCC640 prioritizes performance over all other aspects. The engineers wanted it to feel like the best

Lorenz PremFebruary 16, 2014

In every market segment there are tools that costs several times as much as the entry level version. I often wonder what the reason for such a steep price premium could be. In the world of circular saws one of these tools is the DeWalt DW364. Called "the finest circular saw you can buy" by many professionals I have come across, it was inevitable that it would find its way into the Hingmy shop. Let's take a look, if the DW364 is really that much better than the competition.

The DeWalt DW364 Circular Saw

The DW364 is a professional quality circular saw designed for heavy construction use. It will frame houses all day long without nee

Lorenz PremJanuary 26, 2014

The Dremel rotary tool review series has made it clear to me that the average consumer has no chance of picking out the right Dremel for his or her project. Most are going to end up with a tool that does not fit the work they want to do. To make things worse, there some real clunkers to avoid. Simply buying the most expensive tool is not going to make you happy. Let's take a look at the different Dremel rotary tools and discuss what they are best used for.

The Dremel Product Line
Lorenz PremJanuary 04, 2014
The difference in performance between the cheapest and the most expensive jigsaw in the market is very large. Like everyone else I am pining after the shiny high priced models. Every time a new one comes out I am hoping it will be the one that breaks the trend and offers affordable quality. The BTE340K is a brand new model from Bostitch and the latest jigsaw to have made it into my woodshop. Let's take a look what the BTE340K adds to the jigsaw market.

The Bostitch BTE340K Jigsaw
The BTE340K is a powerful jigsaw designed for job site use. Its 6 amp motor and 3,200 ...
Lorenz PremApr 08, 2013


Jigsaws are best used for cutting curves in various types of materials. The tip of the blade must be free of the cut in order for the saw to function. Blade deflection is an issue with jigsaws.


Orbital Motion

The tip of the blade on a saw equipped with this feature moves in an oval pattern. This increases the cutting speed of the saw. The blade is being pushed into the material in addition to moving up and down.

Lorenz PremJul 23, 2013


A reciprocating saw, or recip saw, is a cut-off tool most often used for demolition or other rough work. Equipped with the correct blade a recirocating saw can cut through wood, metal, and tile.


Large Motor

A large motor greatly speeds up the cutting speed of the saw. Demolition saws have some of the largests motors found on hand-held tools. That power is necessary to make the saw manageable during an all-day job. ...

Lorenz PremJun 07, 2013


Tablesaw use a spinning blade to make straight cuts in wood. They are primarily used to dimension stock using a movable fence.


Tablesaw Types

There are several types of table saws available on the market today. Each type makes a different trade-off between weight and portability.

Contractor Saws

Contractor saws are built to be moved by a single man to and ...

Lorenz PremMarch 02, 2014

This week I am taking closer look at the Bostitch BTC440 cordless driver, the companion of the BTC400LB cordless drill/driver I have reviewed a couple of weeks ago. The pair comes in a very attractively priced combo kit, the BTCK410L2, which you can find at your local Walmart. Naturally this peaked my interest. Let's take a look, if the BTC440 is a good value for your money, or a trap beckoning you to waste your hard earned cash.

The Bostitch BTC440

The BTC440 is a med

Lorenz PremFebruary 08, 2014

It was inevitable that the Bostitch BTC400LB would find its way into our shop. The promise of a well-priced power tool sold at Walmart that also offers good performance was too good to pass up. Destined to be a high volume item I feel that I can help a lot of people by reviewing the BTC400LB. Let's take a look, if this drill/driver is the great deal it is supposed to be, or if the marketing got ahead of the tool's performance.

The Bostitch BTC400LB Cordless Drill/Driver

The BTC400LB is a medium-duty drill driver from the Bostitch corporation, a subsidiary of Stanley Black&Decker. It was designed for home use and light construct

Lorenz PremJanuary 18, 2014

Cordless circular saws are by definition limited tools. If they worked flawlessly the market for AC powered saw would dry up instantly. Going into a cordless circular saw review the challenge is always to articulate what the saw can be used for, rather than finding out how it fails. This week I got to play with the Bosch CCS180, a very promising candidate packaged in an L-Boxx. Let's take a look what this saw can do, and how it can help you get your work done.

The Bosch CCS180 CordlessCircular Saw

Short of the lower blade guard the build quality of the CCS180 is excellent. The motor is housed in a thick plastic body that has no mov

Lorenz PremDecember 29, 2013
Like everyone else I am not immune from making the occasional impulse buy. This week I will be reviewing the Bosch IDS181 cordless driver, which came in a deal I could not resist. This driver represents the value end of the spectrum in Bosch's new lineup. Let's take a look how a driver with motor brushes can compete against the new generation of brushless power tools.

The Bosch IDS181 Impact Driver
The IDS181 is a full-size driver on the compact end of the size scale. It forgoes a bit of motor power and speed in favor of a smaller stature and much better handling compared to the leaders in this ...
Lorenz PremApr 20, 2013


The market for bandsaws has settled on a common two wheel design. The diameter of the wheel determines the machine's cutting capacity.

The models differ in size and quality of their frame. Larger, heavier models have stiffer frames. This makes large machines track better and last longer than smaller models.


Resawing vs curve cutting

A resawing bandsaw requires power and bulk to push the blade through a lot of stock at ...

Lorenz PremApr 08, 2013


A cordless drill spins a drill bit at high speeds. The tip of the drill bit shaves away the material in many small bites.

Drills can be used to drive screws, but will not perform as well as a dedicated impact driver. The continuous torque a drill produces will twist the tool out of the hands of the operator as soon as the screw stars to bind.


Lorenz PremJun 08, 2013


Circular saws produce straight, clean cuts in sheets and dimensional lumber. Paired with a guide a circular saws can make very accurate cuts.

While large radius curved cuts are possible with a circular saw, this type of tool was not designed for this task. The circular saw is a panel dimensioning tool.

With care plunge cuts can be made with a curcular saw. The saw will not leave clean edges at the start and end of the cut since the blade is curved. A ...

Lorenz PremFebruary 23, 2014

The new line of Porter Cable tools tries to impress on the home center shelves with its angular looks. When I first saw the PCCK600LB, Porter Cable's new cordless drill/driver, I was worried the designers chose form over function. Never allowing an uninformed opinion to stand, I had to get this drill/driver into my shop. Let's take a look at what the Porter Cable PCCK600LB can do besides look good.

The Porter Cable PCCK600LB

The PCCK600LB is a general purpose drill/driver from Porter Cable. Built for commercial use it comes with all the features necessary to survive on the job site. Its design has too many sharp edges from my taste

Lorenz PremFebruary 01, 2014

Another week, another L-Boxx to play with. This time the treasure contained within turned out to be the PS31, a small 12V cordless drill/driver from Bosch. Designed for installers, product assemblers, and trade professionals the PS31 comes with some very promising specs. Let's take look at what the PS31 can do in the Hingmy workshop.

The Bosch PS31 Cordless Drill

The build quality of the PS31 is up to the high standard we have come to expect from Bosch. The monolithic body is covered with black rubber in strategic places that both form the grip and the protective bumpers. The tool is protected no matter which way it is put down. Th

Lorenz PremJanuary 11, 2014

Unpacking L-Boxx cases is a special pleasure for me. As a tool reviewer I get so many into my shop, I forget what's inside of them. This makes opening an L-Boxx a special surprise. This week the treasure contained within turned out to be the DDS181 drill/driver, a particularly well reviewed tool from Bosch. Let's take a look, if the DDS181 can prove itself in the Hingmy workshop, or if I should burry it in the pretty box it came in.

The Bosch DDS181 Cordless Drill

The DDS181 is a general duty drill/driver intended for job site use. At 50 ft-lbs of torque and 1,700 rpm there are few tasks it cannot complete with ease. Although it

Lorenz PremMay 14, 2013


A planer flattens the top surface of a board fedd through the machine. Along with a jointer, the planer is used for milling boards.


Spiral Cutter Head

Traditional planers use a small number of knives the run the entire width of the cutter head to make the cut. Sprial cutter heads use a large number of small cutters arranged in a spiral fashion on the cutter head.

A spiral cutterhead cuts cleaner than a traditional ...

Lorenz PremOct 14, 2012


Air cleaners are an essential component in every shop. They remove dust particles from the air that the dust collector did not catch. A good air cleaner significantly reduces the abient dust in the shop.

In addition to the safety factors, air cleaners significantly reduce the amount of cleaning that has to be done in the shop and in adjacent spaces. The cleaner pulls dust towards it and away from places you do not want it.


Remotes ...

Lorenz PremAug 21, 2013


Drivers excel at driving screws, bolts, and other fasteners. They outperform cordless drills when driving screws both in terms of driving power and ease of use. Large drivers can be used to drive lug nuts and industrial size nuts and bolts.

Drivers differ from drills in the amount and type of torque they deliver. Driving a screw requires high, burst-like torque. Drills produce continuous torque. A driver puts much less strain on the user's hand ...

Lorenz PremJun 06, 2013


Routers are used to guide a spinning bit over a stationary work piece. They are used to shape materials and create joinery.

In addition to detailing, router bits exist for slot cutting, panel raising, joinery, and many other purposes. The router is an essential tool in every woodshop.

Trim routers

Small routers that are held with one hand are called trim routers. ... Google Plus