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Bosch ROS20VS Orbital Sander Review

The best-average Sander

  • "...performs well around the woodshop..."
  • "...great build quality..."
  • "...has an undersized motor..."
  • "...dust canister works well but needs frequent cleaning..."

What can it do in my woodshop? How does it compare to the competition?

Lorenz PremJuly 20, 2014

This week it is hammer drill review time. Bosch's new HDS182 cordless hammer drill comes with the promises of brushless technology. Having reviewed tools by the hundreds I know that there is more to a tool than a well-built motor. Let's take a look, if all the features of the HDS182 are as advanced as its motor, and how all that tech translates into making dust on the job site.

The Bosch HDS182 Cordless Hammer Drill

The HDS182 is a professional grade cordless hammer drill from Bosch. It takes the place of a do-it-all drill/driver in the arsenal of professional contractors and builders. It performs well at general drilling and dri

Lorenz PremJune 29, 2014

This week we'll take a look at the Milwaukee 2401, a compact drill/driver in the M12 line. Positioning a high quality tool with the matching price tag in the lower end of the torque range is always risky. Let's take a look, if the engineers at Milwaukee managed to deliver a useful tool, or if the 2401 is simply too weak for what it is going for.

The Milwaukee 2401 Cordless Driver

The 2401 is a cordless drill/driver with a 1/2" hex chuck from Milwaukee. It has been designed for low to medium torque applications that require frequent use of a clutch. The driver's 15 ft-lbs of torque and 500 rpm place it near the bottom of the perfo

Lorenz PremJuly 13, 2014

The Porter Cable PCE201 is one of kind. It is the only high-torque corded impact driver in the Hingmy database at the moment. AC power gives this driver performance numbers that few cordless impact drivers can match. Let's take a look at what you can get, if you are willing to tether your impact driver to the power grid.

The Porter Cable PCE201 Driver

The PCE201 is a corded impact driver with a 1/4" hex chuck from Porter Cable. It is the only corded screwdriver that was designed to driver general purpose fasteners, which sets it apart from the competition that concentrates on driving drywall screws. This unique design puts the PC

Lorenz PremJuly 28, 2014

This week the ROS20VS made an unscheduled appearance in my shop. The tool I wanted to review in its place arrived in broken condition. While that is unfortunate, it gives me chance to continue my quest to review every orbital sander on the market today. Let's take a look at what the ROS20VS brings to the 5" sander market, and figure out, if it is a good addition to your shop.

The Bosch ROS20VSK Orbital Sander

The ROS20VS is a random orbit sander from Bosch. Designed for general sanding tasks on the job site and in the woodshop this sander was aimed squarely at the sweet spot for 5" orbital sanders. It'll deliver good pe

Lorenz PremJuly 06, 2014

What happens when you choose to go cheap when buying a 1/4 sheet palm sander? I tested the Ryobi S652DK palm sander in my shop to find out. Let's take a look, if this budget palm sander is a viable replacement for the more expensive models most of us use in our shops.

The Ryobi S652DK

The S652DK is a budget 1/4 sheet palm sander from Ryobi. Sold at many box stores it is the first palm sander many people own. While it was clearly designed for the residential market, it still performs respectably in more demanding situations.

The build quality of the S652DK matches that of most sanders in this category. The har


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Lorenz PremJune 21, 2014

A friend of mine loaned me his Craftsman BoltOn Cordless Drill/Driver for review. At first I thought it was identical to the Black&Decker Matrix, a tool I reviewed six months ago. Turns out the BoltOn has a few features that make it the better tool. Let's take a look at how the Craftsman BoltOn managed to improve on the Black&Decker Matrix.

The Craftsman BoltOn System

The Craftsman BoltOn system combines a handle that houses the motor and the battery with a replaceable power unit. The basic kit comes with the d

Lorenz PremJune 02, 2014

Ratchets don't find their way onto my test bench very often. This makes this week's test of the Milwaukee 2457 cordless ratchet a special occasion. I was so excited I removed and reinstalled every bolt I could find in my workshop with this ratchet. Let's take a look at what the 2457 can do, and how it stacks up against air powered ratchets.

The Milwaukee 2457 Ratchet

The 2457 is a cordless 3/8" ratchet in Milwaukee's M12 line. It is the larger brother of the 2456 ratchet, a nearly identical model with a 1/4" square chuck. Eng

Lorenz PremMay 11, 2014

My router collection grew this week with the addition of the Makita RT0701 trim router. It was on my shortlist of challengers for the title of best trim router. Let's take a look at what qualities lifted the RT0701 into the ranks of the best trim routers on the market.

The Makita RT0701 Trim Router

The RT0701 is a trim router from Makita. The basic kit includes a motor unit and fixed base. Additional base options and accessories are available separately or as part of one of the more expensive kits.

Fit and finish of both the base and motor unit are excellent. It's obvious the RT0701 was engineered for professio

Lorenz PremApril 20, 2014

Makita's PJ7000 is Japan's entry in our series of plate joiner reviews. Besides being turquoise the PJ7000 looks like the other competitors so far. Let's take a closer look and figure out what the PJ7000 is all about.

The Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner

The PJ7000 is a traditional plate joiner from Makita. It was designed to cut biscuits slots at an industrial pace in cabinet shops and other high-throughput environments. The PJ7000 follows the traditional design of marrying the motor housing and gearbox of a grinder with a purpose-built fence assembly. The blade emerges from the front face of the fence as the motor housing plunges int

Lorenz PremJune 14, 2014

Savvy shoppers are always on the lookout for tools that get the job done and don't break the bank. This week DeWalt's smallest grinder, the DWE4011, made its way onto my workbench. It looks like the other DeWalt grinders, but it sell at a price much lower than one would expect. Let's take a look, if the DWE4011 is an incredible value, or if it's a lemon you should keep out of your toolbox.

The DeWalt DWE4011 Grinder

The DWE4011 is an entry level 4 1/2" grinder from DeWalt. It follows the traditional design of marrying a metal gear casing to a plastic motor housing. The 7 amp motor is one of the weaker ones in the field, but the

Lorenz PremMay 24, 2014

This week the Milwaukee 2426 oscillating tool found its way onto my workbench. It is one of the first cordless oscillating tools ever made, and a best seller. Let's take a look how the 2426 measures up today.

The Milwaukee 2426 Cordless Oscillating Tool

The 2426 is a no-thrills professional grade oscillating tool from Milwaukee. First introduced several years ago, it is behind the times in terms of power and features. These days it sells at a reduced price, but it's still a competent entry level oscillating tool.

In typical Milwaukee fashion the red plastic body of the tool is covered with a generous amount of

Lorenz PremMay 04, 2014

For this week's review I got a hold of a Porter Cable Tiger Saw, the PR85TRSOK. This saw beckons potential buyers with its low price from the shelves of home centers around the US. I bought one so you don't have to. Let's take a look at what the Tiger Saw can do in the Hingmy workshop.

The Porter Cable PR85TRSOK Recip Saw

The PR85TRSOK, or Tiger Saw, is a general purpose recip saw from Porter Cable. Lighter and less powerful than a full-size demolition saw, this reciprocating saw is fully capable on a per-cut basis, but falls behind its larger competition when used continuously.

The body of the Tiger Saw is bu

Lorenz PremApril 13, 2014

The DeWalt DW331K jigsaw sits right in the middle of the price range. That makes it a tempting purchase for anyone who wants a better saw than one of the universally poor entry level jigsaws, but does not want to pay for the top-of-the-line models. Let's take a look at what the DW331K jigsaw can do in the Hingmy woodshop.

The DeWalt DW331K Jigsaw

The DW331K is a professional quality jigsaw from DeWalt. It was engineered to perform well on the job site, where speed and durability are valued above anything else. The saw's strongest features are its 6 1/2 amp motor, 3,100 spm cutting speed, and 3 position orbital action. These three

Lorenz PremJune 07, 2014

Testing my way through all trim routers on the market I made my way to the yellow one. The DeWalt D26670 with its rugged construction promises to be an interesting one. Let's take a look what the D26670 can do in the Hingmy workshop, and how it stacks up against the competition.

The DeWalt D26670 Trim Router

The D26670 is a commercial trim router from DeWalt. The kit includes the motor unit and a solid base. The tilt base and offset base are available as part of the larger kit.

The base and motor housing are made from cast magnesium. This gives the trim router an above average level of durability. The base in

Lorenz PremMay 18, 2014

This week I picked up the Black&Decker JS660 Jigsaw in the tool department of a local super store. I figure a thorough review of this arguably basic jigsaw may help more people than the reviews I do of premium models. Let's take a look at what the JS660 can do in the Hingmy workshop, and if it is worth what little you have to pay for it.

The Black&Decker JS660 Jigsaw

The JS660's best tricks are its good build quality and motor. Its hard plastic case and rubber grip are comparable to those of much more expensive jigsaws. The 5 amp motor is not large by jigsaw standards, but it is powerful enough to complete most work at a

Lorenz PremApril 26, 2014

Fixing electronics is a hobby of mine I rarely have time for anymore. A good soldering iron makes the process a lot easier, and satisfies my need to collect gadgets. I chose the Hakko FX-951 soldering station to be center piece of my workbench. It comes with one of the best irons on the market today. Let's take a look how the FX-951 performs, and what makes it special.

The Hakko FX-951

The FX-951 is a mid-range soldering station from Hakko. Covered by a yellow and blue plastic body, this soldering station comes with the excellent

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